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Perle Systems is a leading developer, manufacturer and vendor of award-winning networking products. These products are used to connect remote users reliably and securely to central servers for a wide variety of e-business and general business applications.

Perle specialises in IP (Internet Protocol) connectivity with product lines that include Remote Access Servers, Serial Servers, Multi-port Serial Cards and Network Controllers. These products provide access to leading e-business platforms, including NT, LINUX/UNIX and AS/400.

Perle Systems recently acquired Chase Research, a leading provider of local and remote serial-based data communications systems and remote access solutions. Perle Systems has offices in 11 countries and sells its products through distribution channels worldwide. Its stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market (symbol PERL) and the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol PL).

For details about the company visit our website on http://www.perle.com

Year 2000 statement

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